First from the North

So... I finally found the headspace to publish this page. Approaching a new and exciting year, it felt about time. Welcome and all that!

Wednesday I arrived in the North for Christmas, in my hometown Bodø. I will be hanging around for a week before returning to Oslo. This time of year is freezing cold, daylight doesn't last for long - but hey; nothing beats the beauty of winter over here.



2018 has been a wild one. I have traveled to Germany, England, France, Sweden, Italy, Vienna, Slovenia and all around Norway. To make a long story short: I´ve had the chance to explore a lot. Knowing I will travel even more in 2019 makes me so excited I can't even... Blessed is definitely an overused word, but that's how I feel. Blessed.

Anyway, the reason I´ve built this page is to give my pictures a better home. As much as I love Instagram, some adventures need greater space. Even tho my English is quite basic, ya´ll probably hear from me in text from time to time as well. Sounds good? I sure hope so.

Merry Christmas!