While waiting

Woah, time flies. Two weeks back in Oslo already and only 24 hours to go before I head to Iceland for 2019s first adventure. I can´t sleep, my woke dreams about shooting glaciers, waterfalls and all that Icelandic scenery are currently keeping me up. That said, Oslo sure looks pretty right now too…

IMG_3733 2.JPG
IMG_4063 2.JPG

Having to watch the insane winter light from the office window these days are painful, so I try to shoot on my way to work and meetings - jumping off the subway when I see something I need to collect. I shot the three picks above on my way somewhere else, and I have officially made it my mission for this year to do way more of that. Talk to you soon, from Iceland that is.


Back to reality


My week back home is coming to an end. I´m leaving for Oslo again tomorrow, where I have a couple of things to fix the new year afore. I´m on vacation until the 2. of January (my birthday!!), then it´s back to work for two quick weeks before heading to Iceland.

Spending time in Bodø again has been great; reuniting with the ocean, the wind, mountains and of course... all my favorite people. I´m hoping it won´t be too long before I find the time to visit again. For now, I will live off the stunning scenery I have collected both with my camera and in my head.

Thank you, North.

First from the North

So... I finally found the headspace to publish this page. Approaching a new and exciting year, it felt about time. Welcome and all that!

Wednesday I arrived in the North for Christmas, in my hometown Bodø. I will be hanging around for a week before returning to Oslo. This time of year is freezing cold, daylight doesn't last for long - but hey; nothing beats the beauty of winter over here.



2018 has been a wild one. I have traveled to Germany, England, France, Sweden, Italy, Vienna, Slovenia and all around Norway. To make a long story short: I´ve had the chance to explore a lot. Knowing I will travel even more in 2019 makes me so excited I can't even... Blessed is definitely an overused word, but that's how I feel. Blessed.

Anyway, the reason I´ve built this page is to give my pictures a better home. As much as I love Instagram, some adventures need greater space. Even tho my English is quite basic, ya´ll probably hear from me in text from time to time as well. Sounds good? I sure hope so.

Merry Christmas!